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Shield Games is a gaming website dedicate to all games such as Runescape, PUBG,  World of Warplanes, World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder, Call of Duty series, Warhammer 40000, EVE Online, and much much more!

There are no adults out there to have had a childhood without gaming and there are no kids out there to have a day without playing games. Gaming is, was and will be one of the most influential parts of anyone’s life. Back in my childhood the only way to review games was to talk to friends.
My classmate bought a new game and my neighbour bought a new game and my relative bought a new game and they said this and this about that, however thats not it in the millennial age anymore.
Welcome to this comprehensive and detailed gaming blog site which will resolve your gaming queriers no matter what age group you belong too. If your problem is what gaming gift to ask your parents this birthday or what to gift your younger sibling after their result, or what game to chose for your weekend night out with friends this week – you have hit the correct link. This website will provide neutral, detailed and unbiased views about all sorts of games present in the market. You can trust this website to be you go-to site to be a complete guide for all games.Hopefully the recommendations will improve your gaming experiences and get positive recommendations from your side !
Enjoy your time on my site!

You will find tips and tricks from professional players and guides written in full detail to help you with the game.

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